Israel’s polished diamond exports dip by 13%

Rough exports decreased by 56%
Israel’s polished diamond exports dip by 13%

In August 2009, Israel’s polished diamond exports took a 13 percent dip to $182.3 million, while rough diamond exports declined by 56 percent to $121.7 million. Total exports of polished and rough diamonds slipped down by 37 percent to $304 million. The total imports of rough and polished diamonds decreased by 41 percent to $448 million.

The country’s net diamond account (calculated on the basis of the extent of total diamond exports exceeding total diamond imports, increased by 47 percent to a deficit of $144 million.

IN the span of the first eight months of 2009, the country’s polished exports declined by 55 percent to $2.16 billion, and rough exports by 60 percent to $1.12 billion. Total exports were down by 57 percent to $3.27 billion, and total imports by 60 percent to $2.82 billion.

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