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Priscila Hueb
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With skilled artistry and quality craftsmanship being its foremost priorities, Hueb’s handcrafted jewellery is a visual treat. Creative Director Priscila Hueb talks about learning design from her mother-in-law, the Brazilian joie de vivre and so much more. By Vijetha Rangabashyam

From Rihanna to Beyoncé, Allison Janney, Octavia Spencer & Jennifer Lopez, Hueb is loved and worn by many A-listers world over. Founded by Fádua Hueb in the 70’s, Brazilian Fine Jewellery brand Hueb is known for its transcendental designs. The collections may take cues from fabric textures, the Universe, gardens, galaxy, romance and more, but at the core of Hueb’s design ethos you will find the colours of Brazil, its culture, bohemian charm, its raw energy and unspoiled tropical expanse.

The love for Brazil’s culture and heritage is evident in every single piece. Today, the brand exists under the able creative guidance of Priscila Hueb. She learnt the ropes of jewellery design from her mother-in-law Christina Hueb and is carrying forward the brand’s legacy one wearable art at a time along with her husband Thiago Hueb.

Q:Where does your passion for jewellery stem from?
A: I have always been drawn towards jewellery from a young age. While important women in my family would get dressed up for special occasions, I would always admire the sparkle of their jewellery and gemstones. This admiration became stronger after I joined my husband’s family business and started working closely with my mother-in-law, who was the Creative Director of the company. After years of helping her develop amazing collections and learning so much about the industry, I felt confident enough to put my own inspirations on paper and bring to life pieces of jewellery that express my creativity.

Q: Tell us about your prized possession when it comes to jewellery.
A: Little butterfly earrings were the first gift given to me by my husband. When I saw them I knew they would one day belong to my daughter if ever I had one. Now that I do, I can’t wait for her to wear them one day.

Q: How would you define your Hueb’s spirit?
A: Hueb is jewellery to be enjoyed; it’s full of Brazil’s joie de vivre. We like to say that we start with innovative designs and continue with a smile.

Q: Can you walk us through Hueb’s latest collection?
A: Our latest collection is our first limited edition collection. It’s called Oceanum and its inspired by water in all its forms. We are using blue sapphire, aquamarine and for the first time in our collections we will use Paraiba tourmaline.

Q: What are those special places you derive your inspiration from?

A: Brazil is our heritage and greatest inspiration. It is the warmth of our culture, the colours of nature, and the enchanting surprises found both in the rainforests and in the cities. Butmy inspirations actually come from everywhere, a skyline, a landscape or art galleries.

Q: From a spark (idea) to how it becomes a finished piece of jewellery, can you explain your creative process?
A: It really depends on the jewellery. Sometimes inspiration comes to you while crossing the street and then it’s a matter of putting the ideas on paper. Sometimes it involves lots of research and fine tuning until you get to the final design. Both the processes are fulfilling and fun in their own way.

Q: Define the style sensibility of the wearer of your jewellery.
A: Hueb is for women looking for select pieces that express their style and are relevant to their lives. She mixes highs and lows with a strong point of view. She is confident but does not take herself too seriously. She wants pieces with attitude that make a statement.

Q: What precious stones and metals do you love working with?
A: It’s always what I am currently working with. At this moment it’s Paraiba tourmaline and 18K white gold. In our limited edition collection we will be using blue sapphire, aquamarine and Paraiba tourmaline.

Q: What kind of jewellery do you like wearing yourself?
A: I have always had a passion for earrings. The way they frame the face and the way they move have always mesmerized me. I am drawn to versatile pieces that can transition easily from day to night.

Q: How important do you think it is for a Jewellery Designer to be up to date with trends in terms?
A: It’s always important to be aware of what goes on in the fashion industry as well as in the art world and digital world. Knowledge is linked to inspiration as well.

Q: Who do you like seeing your jewellery on the most and why?
A: I like seeing my jewellery on my clients, especially the ones that always have our brand at the top of their minds and keep introducing our jewellery to their families and friends. They are our true ambassadors.

Q: What are some of the up and coming trends in jewellery?
A: I think the biggest trend in jewellery that has been strong for some time are the new silhouettes of the pieces, new ways of wearing earrings, unusual rings and mismatched jewellery. It’s an entire new universe of jewellery.

Q: In your experience of travelling, which country has been the most inspiring and why?
A: Each country has its beauty and inspires me in different ways. You may visit the same places many times and still be inspired every time. Your state of mind is also key when it comes to inspiration.

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