Tanishq will introduce affordable diamond jewellery

The jewellery is being priced between Rs. 999- Rs. 1,500
Tanishq will introduce affordable diamond jewellery

Tanishq is introducing a diamond jewellery collection with price points between Rs. 999- Rs.1,500, targeted mainly at the youth. Through this initiative, the brand intends to boost diamond jewellery as being affordable, and will launch it in time for Valentine season this year. In the long term, the collection will form part of the Tanishq portfolio.

The collection will offer lighter jewellery, with smaller and fewer diamonds (1-3 diamonds) of SI 2 grade. The jewellery will be made in 9k gold.

So far, Tanishq has been offering jewellery with price points from Rs 5,000 upto a value in lakhs of rupees, with majority of its clientele being the young adult and beyond. The youth-centric collection will help expand the Tanishq consumer base.

The brand is hopeful that while the affordable collection may not bring in much on margins, it may help increase the frequency of purchasing diamond jewellery.

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