Kiran Multispecialty Hospital Inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi

Rs 500 Cr has been invested in this state of the art, micro-organisms free multispecialty and research centre.
Kiran Multispecialty Hospital
Kiran Multispecialty Hospital

In a tweet, PM Modi mentioned, “Tomorrow is Surat, will inaugurate a multi-specialty hospital at Katargam and a diamond manufacturing unit in Ichhapore.” The hospital and research centre has been funded by a private trust. In a powerful address at his home state, PM Modi said, “I am in a quandary, whether I should speak in Hindi or in Gujarati. But you have done such a great deal with this hospital that I feel the entire country should know about this.”

The multispecialty hospital and research centre is said to have a bacteria-free atmosphere. Approximately 31 cr has been invested towards keeping this hospital and Rs 500 cr has been invested to build this state of the art of hospital which is free of micro organisms. “There are many donors and helpers here who donate huge sums of money. Everyone is praising them, but I won’t. You are surprised why? 500 Cr is nothing for them, because these donors are from small villages in Gujarat. They know the value of money.”

To the 4th floor, where all the operation theatres are situated, Laminar Flow of the central air conditioning system would pass through hepa filters. The hospital will have a total of 28 operation theaters. Also this will be the first hospital in Gujarat to have air ambulance services as it would have a helipad on top of the building. “If one person falls sick in a family and he is the earning member, the entire family is affected. This is why cleanliness is so important.” PM Modi urged the audience to see cleanliness and spoke of the cleanliness drive initiative that is going to take place in Surat in July.

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