Boucheron partners with Sarine Diamond Journey

Paris-based La Maison Boucheron, partners with Israel-based traceability and AI-driven grading major Sarine Diamond Journey
Boucheron partners with  Sarine Diamond Journey

Sarine Technologies Ltd announced their association with Kering Group’s French high jewellery maison Boucheron. Bucheron is launching a new bridal jewellery line, for which it has partnered with Sarine to provide Boucheron-branded diamond reports "powered by Sarine".

The co-branded reports include comprehensive information tracking the diamond from its natural rough form through the comprehensive process of transformation into the final jewel, documenting its mining and processing by Boucheron’s meticulously selected supply chain eco-system, with actual visual presentations of the diamond throughout the process and in its final polished form, along with detailed 4C’s grading of the diamond using Sarine’s industry-leading artificial intelligence technology. The report is available only in digital format, further reflecting Boucheron’s ongoing commitment to a sustainable jewellery industry, and is studiously designed with Boucheron’s digital and visual language, enhancing the connection between the physical diamond and its digital representation.

The ability to have a co-branded diamond report, showcasing the Maison's name on it, is a significant evolution enabling them to bolster its exclusivity in the crowded retail market.

Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, CEO of Boucheron, stated that “Our vision is to lead the jewellery market in its effort to a more sustainable world. This can be achieved only through reliable, secure data and transparency, to which we are committed. We are glad to have Sarine join our eco-system and share the same values of innovation, honesty and ever-seeking improvement." David B lock, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented that, ”We are honored and excited to have Boucheron as the first luxury brand that has chosen to partner with Sarine in diamond grading and traceability. A brans’’ needs are quickly evolving in these times of uncertainties, and I am happy Sarine has the capabilities to support their many developing needs. We are looking forward to an exciting year, as our technologies achieve growing market recognition.”

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