24 May 2022
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Diamond Industry Report 2011 and Zimbabwe in 2018
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About Diamond Industry Report 2011 and Zimbabwe in 2018
The diamond industry has rebounded from the global recession in 2009 and it is now looking forward to years of significant growth. The retail diamond markets in Asia and the Middle East are expanding furiously and these will be the main source of growth for the remainder of this decade. At the same time, the dynamics in the diamond value-chain are changing, with emerging economies becoming more relevant. Industry players are now jostling for control of the changing market.

On the policy front, diamond industry stakeholders are trying to make changes in the way rough diamonds are traded, with issues of human-rights abuses by producer countries taking centre stage. However, industry stakeholders are failing to agree on the way forward and this is threatening to disrupt cordial relationships that exist in the industry. This report looks at these issues closely along with a detailed focus on Zimbabwe – the producer country at the centre of the big issues facing the diamond industry. In the last three years, Zimbabwe has become a significant diamond producer and is forecast to become a top three producer-country by the end of this decade. In recent years, Zimbabwe has also been among the top human-rights violators and the international community has largely excluded the country from significant international trade.

With the changing environment in Zimbabwe, the international community is slowly beginning to accept Zimbabwe back into the fold. Diamonds from Zimbabwe, which had been excluded from the markets in the last two years, are slowly making a comeback, albeit controversially. Meanwhile, exclusion from the international diamonds markets has not deterred Zimbabwe from producing diamonds and production has been increasing exponentially after formalization of diamond mining in the Marange area.

Assuming that Zimbabwe is eventually allowed to export diamonds with full rights restored, this report also looks at the impact of Zimbabwe production on the diamond industry until 2018.

The report would be of use to industry players and stakeholders needing in-depth analysis of factors and trends that will shape diamond markets for the remainder of this decade.

This 32 page report can be bought and sent over to the buyer by email. Highlights for previewing the contents of the report can be availed FREE, email: editorial@diamondworld.net.

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Equity Communications, Zimbabwe
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