Zales Launches New Jewellery Designer Edit

Elevating fashion jewellery: Zales' latest collaborations redefine style with modern rings, bangles, and earrings in exclusive collections
Zales Launches New Jewellery Designer Edit

Zales, renowned as the Diamond Store, has unveiled its Designer Edit, a tribute to emerging jewellery designers. The inaugural collaborations feature collections by SOKO, Shahla Karimi, and Alessi Domenico, showcasing brands that redefine the jewellery landscape with diverse voices and innovative designs. Zales aims to solidify its position as a leading fashion jewellery destination, offering modern rings, bangles, chains, and earrings in this latest venture.

The President of Zales, Kecia Caffie, notes a strategic response to consumer trends, stating, "Consumers are increasingly purchasing for themselves, often for no reason other than 'just because.'" The Zales x SOKO collection highlights designs from the Black-owned, women-led brand, connecting Kenyan artisans with global markets.

Zales x Shahla contributes to the diversification of Zales' bridal and fashion offerings, drawing inspiration from female architects to create intricately detailed designs that challenge traditional norms. Meanwhile, Zales x Alessi Domenico showcases styles from the esteemed artisans at Alessi Domenico, known for their luxurious custom creations since their founding in 1946.

With price ranges varying, the Zales x SOKO collection spans $118 - $258, Zales x SHAHLA ranges from $1,150 - $7,680, and Zales x Alessi Domenico ranges from $2,499 - $63,999. These designer collaborations epitomize Zales' commitment to contemporary and diverse jewellery offerings, aligning with evolving consumer preferences.

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