WDC Embraces Proactive Provenance Transparency at KP Intersessional Meeting

The World Diamond Council (WDC) concluded the 2024 Kimberley Process (KP) Intersessional meeting with a renewed commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and industry reform. Hosted by the UAE, the event focused on the theme, "Year of Delivery."
WDC Embraces Proactive Provenance Transparency at KP Intersessional Meeting

WDC President Feriel Zerouki, in her closing remarks, paid tribute to the late Rory More O’Ferrall, a pioneering leader at De Beers and a founding figure in the WDC. "Rory's dedication to positive change in the diamond industry touched many hearts. We are committed to carrying forward his legacy of integrity and compassion," Zerouki stated.

Throughout the week-long session, KP Participants and Observers engaged in discussions to enhance the KP and exceed its minimum requirements during the ongoing Reform and Review Cycle.

Key Highlights:

Enhanced Transparency: Strong support for listing countries of mining origin on KP certificates for mixed parcels, complementing digitalization efforts.

Reform Progress: Significant strides by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Review and Reform, with a broad consensus on expanding the definition of conflict diamonds beyond rebel movements.

Inclusive Leadership: Agreement on creating Co-Chairmanship within the KP, promoting equitable opportunities for all Participating countries to lead the KP.

Central African Republic (CAR): Positive discussions with a high-level delegation from CAR and MINUSCA, including plans for a Review Mission.

"The diamond industry is known for its innovation and agility. We are proud of our achievements, and the decisions taken at this Plenary are a testament to our strength," said Zerouki. She highlighted the industry's commitment to transparency and traceability and emphasized the need to counter misconceptions about labor practices and the industry's readiness for reform.

The WDC reaffirmed its dedication to advancing the Kimberley Process and promoting the positive impact of natural diamonds on global development, education, and healthcare. "Together, with enhanced transparency, we can ensure a bright future for natural diamonds," Zerouki concluded.

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