Unveiling the Mysteries of Gemology: GIA's Fall 2023 Gems & Gemology

From the chromophores influencing the colour of yellow sapphire to the geological settings of violet-blue gem cordierite in British Columbia, this issue is a gem enthusiast's treasure trove
Unveiling the Mysteries of Gemology: GIA's Fall 2023 Gems & Gemology

Yellow Sapphire: A Spectrum of Revelation:

In the article titled "Yellow Sapphire: Natural, Heat-Treated, Beryllium-Diffused, and Synthetic," authors John L. Emmett, Ungkhana Atikarnsakul, Jennifer Stone-Sundberg, and Supharart Sangsawong meticulously investigate the chromophores responsible for the diverse spectrum of colours in yellow sapphire. This comprehensive study unravels the mysteries behind natural, heat-treated, beryllium-diffused, and synthetic yellow sapphire, providing invaluable insights for gem enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Ronnakorn Manorotkul

Oregon Sunstone's Radiant Secrets:

"Special Colors and Optical Effects of Oregon Sunstone: Absorption, Scattering, Pleochroism, and Color Zoning" by Shiyun Jin, Aaron C. Palke, Nathan D. Renfro, and Ziyin Sun sheds light on the enchanting world of Oregon sunstone. Exploring the impact of metallic copper inclusions, the article details absorption, scattering, pleochroism, and colour zoning, revealing the unique characteristics that make this gem-quality feldspar truly mesmerizing.

Adriana Gudino

Ukrainian Pegmatite Wonders:

Gerhard Franz, Oleksii A. Vyshnevskyi, Volodymyr M. Khomenko, Peter Lyckberg, and Ulrich Gernert take readers on a journey through the Volyn Pegmatites in Northwest Ukraine. The article, "Etch Pits in Heliodor and Green Beryl from the Volyn Pegmatites, Northwest Ukraine: A Diagnostic Feature," delves into dissolution features of heliodor and green beryl, offering diagnostic criteria to distinguish them from similar samples found in other regions.

British Columbia's Gemological Bounty:

"Iolite from the Thor-Odin Dome, British Columbia, Canada: Geology, Chemical Composition, Inclusions, and Cause of Chatoyancy" by Philippe M. Belley uncovers the geological setting and gemological properties of violet-blue gem cordierite from new deposits in British Columbia. This article provides gem enthusiasts with a glimpse into the unique characteristics that define this precious gemstone.

Additional Gems & Gemology Highlights:

Beyond these feature articles, G&G's Fall 2023 edition includes regular features that add to the richness of gemological knowledge. Lab Notes showcase recent submissions to GIA's laboratories, including a 4.04 ct ring fashioned from a single-crystal CVD diamond. Micro-World offers fascinating internal feature observations, such as zigzag-patterned fingerprints in blue sapphire. Diamond Reflections focuses on diamonds formed within eclogitic mantle host rocks. Gem News International includes brief studies of Burmese chameleon amber, Guatemalan omphacite jade, and other gem materials, along with coverage of the recent Turquoise United conference and the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference.

GIA's Fall 2023 Gems & Gemology is a must-read for anyone passionate about the world of gemstones. With in-depth investigations, stunning visuals, and a wealth of gemological knowledge, this edition continues GIA's legacy of unravelling the mysteries that lie within the Earth's most precious treasures.

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