Two Indian Diamond Leaders Vie for AWDC Board

For the first time ever, two prominent Indian diamond merchants are competing for positions on the Board of Directors of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC)
Two Indian Diamond Leaders Vie for AWDC Board

This marks a significant move within the diamond industry as it highlights India's growing influence in global diamond trade and its aspirations to shape international policies.

The AWDC, based in Antwerp, Belgium, plays a crucial role by promoting collaboration among industry players and advocating for diamond trading interests worldwide.

Chirag Shah, CEO of Yashvi Diamonds, and Ravi Bhansali, Managing Director of Rosy Blue, are among the candidates. Their candidacy underscores a trend of increasing Indian participation in global diamond governance, reflecting India's rise in manufacturing and trading.

Scheduled for June 17th and 18th, the election comes amid challenges in Antwerp and the diamond world. Recently, the AWDC CEO resigned after 13 years amidst G7 sanctions, and operational issues arose at Antwerp's Diamond Office.

Shah and Bhansali have expressed readiness to address these challenges. Shah noted, "These are challenging times," emphasizing the need for action. Bhansali added, "Challenging times demand proactive steps."

If elected, Shah and Bhansali could bring new perspectives on market dynamics and sustainability to global diamond policies. Their potential election would mark a milestone in industry globalization, reflecting the influence of emerging markets.

Observers anticipate how the election will impact global diamond policies and market dynamics, signalling a shift in industry leadership.

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