Stanley Mathuram Named Head of Sustainability at Grown Diamond Trade Organization

The Grown Diamond Trade Organization (GDTO) has appointed Stanley Mathuram, CEO of ECG Global Solutions, as the new head of Sustainability Standards and Ratings, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices
Stanley Mathuram Named Head of Sustainability at Grown Diamond Trade Organization

Mathuram, a seasoned professional with a background in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, brings over 25 years of experience in sustainability, business development, circular economy, climate finance, and environmental engineering to his new role. Previously serving as Executive Vice President at SCS Global Services, he played a pivotal role in developing and implementing the Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds standard. His expertise and leadership are expected to drive GDTO’s initiatives towards robust sustainability practices within the lab-grown diamond industry.

“We are delighted to welcome Stanley to our team,” said Marty Hurwitz, Executive Director of GDTO. “His extensive knowledge and proven track record in sustainability standards will be instrumental as we advance our mission to establish rigorous benchmarks for transparency and ethical conduct in lab-grown diamond production.”

Mathuram’s appointment underscores GDTO’s dedication to fostering a responsible and transparent supply chain that prioritizes environmental stewardship and consumer trust. His leadership is poised to elevate GDTO’s role in shaping the future of lab-grown diamonds, ensuring adherence to the highest sustainability standards across the industry.

“I am thrilled to join GDTO and contribute to its vision of promoting sustainable practices in the lab-grown diamond sector,” said Mathuram. “The organization’s commitment to delivering quality diamond jewelry through sustainable means resonates deeply with my professional values. I look forward to collaborating with industry stakeholders to drive meaningful change and innovation.”

Under Mathuram’s guidance, GDTO aims to redefine industry norms, making diamond jewelry accessible while maintaining stringent sustainability and ethical criteria. His appointment marks a significant step towards solidifying GDTO’s leadership in advancing sustainable practices within the lab-grown diamond industry, benefiting both consumers and the global environment.

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