Russia Overtakes Botswana in Rough-Diamond Production Value for 2023

In a significant shift, Russia emerged ahead of Botswana in terms of the value of rough-diamond production in 2023, marking a milestone amidst challenging global conditions that impacted diamond sales
Russia Overtakes Botswana in Rough-Diamond Production Value for 2023

Despite facing increased sanctions, including bans on Russian diamonds by the European Union and stricter regulations from the US, Russia's rough-diamond production totalled 37.3 million carats last year, with a cumulative value of $3.61 billion. This achievement was achieved at an average price of $97 per carat.

Comparatively, Botswana, historically a leading producer, recorded a production of 25.1 million carats in 2023, with a total value of $3.28 billion, fetching an average price of $131 per carat.

The shift underscores Russia's resilience and efficiency in diamond production, despite geopolitical challenges and market uncertainties. This development also reflects the evolving dynamics in the global diamond industry, where production volumes and economic value are influenced by a complex interplay of factors including regulatory environments and market demand.

Looking ahead, both countries are expected to navigate these challenges while continuing to play pivotal roles in the global diamond supply chain, adapting strategies to maintain competitiveness and market leadership.

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