Platinum Guild International USA Unveils Engagement Ring Trend Report

Platinum Guild International USA, renowned for its expertise in platinum jewellery, has released an insightful trend report on engagement rings ahead of the upcoming holiday season and extending into 2025
Platinum Guild International USA Unveils Engagement Ring Trend Report

The report highlights six distinctive engagement ring styles expected to dominate the market, combining timeless elegance with modern design trends. Platinum, revered since the Art Deco era of the 1920s, continues to be celebrated for its sophisticated allure and enduring quality, making it a premier choice for engagement rings that symbolise everlasting commitment.

Among the highlighted trends is "Pretty Pastels," featuring coloured gemstones set in platinum for a luxurious contrast. The "Gender Fluid" trend showcases designs that transcend traditional gender norms with contemporary elements. "Square Dance" emphasizes angular cuts, while "Bezel Up" focuses on sleek, seamless designs with platinum borders. "Elegant Emerald Cuts" epitomizes understated luxury, and "Metal Forward" emphasizes the natural brilliance of platinum.

The report illustrates these trends with stunning imagery showcasing designs from leading industry names such as Tacori, Kirk Kara, Stuller, and Rahaminov, as well as emerging designers including Jade Ruzzo, Sorellina, Harwell Godfrey, and Jade Trau. This diverse range of talent underscores the innovation and versatility within the platinum engagement ring market.

Jenny Luker, President of PGI USA, expressed enthusiasm about the report, stating, “We are thrilled to present Platinum Guild’s latest engagement ring trend report, highlighting the evolution of platinum designs available in the US market. The industry’s embrace of platinum’s timeless beauty has inspired a wealth of creative and innovative collections, offering engagement ring buyers unprecedented choices to celebrate their enduring love.”

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