Oroarezzo Unveiled: Celebrating Innovation, Craftsmanship and Technology

Yesterday marked the commencement of the 43rd edition of Oroarezzo, an event organized by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), dedicated to showcasing the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in the gold and jewellery sector
Oroarezzo Unveiled: Celebrating Innovation, Craftsmanship and Technology

From now until Tuesday, May 14th, the halls of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi will host a comprehensive display featuring everything from gold and silver manufacturing to jewellery production and innovative machinery, all showcasing Italian creativity and expertise. The event also shines a spotlight on responsible sourcing and jewellery design, attracting 400 hosted buyers from 60 different countries.

Oroarezzo promises fertile ground for lucrative business opportunities. Maurizio Renzo Ermeti, President of the Italian Exhibition Group, highlighted in his opening remarks, "Oroarezzo is situated in the heart of Italy's foremost gold and jewellery export hub, serving as a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and technological prowess that define Made in Italy. The evolution of Oroarezzo, coupled with collaborative efforts with local stakeholders, is yielding tangible results: a growing number of exhibitors, nearing 400, and an expanding roster of hosted buyers from over 60 countries. Moreover, our foray into the realm of fashion with esteemed brands and initiatives like 'Precious Fashion,' along with efforts to engage the younger generation through Career Day, underscores the ideal conditions for fostering exceptional business prospects."

Enhancing the visitor experience remains a priority. Ferrer Vannetti, President of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, noted, "Oroarezzo has long been a pivotal event in our annual trade show calendar, and we take pride in providing an increasingly conducive environment. Collaborating closely with IEG has allowed us to enhance infrastructure, making significant investments over time to ensure the utmost functionality and facilitate the facility's revitalization. We are now gearing up for new events and the next phase of trade show development."

The event also serves as a platform for celebrating history and territorial identity. Arezzo Mayor Alessandro Ghinelli emphasized, "Oroarezzo underscores the significance of a sector deeply rooted in our territory's ancient history, shaping its present economy and development. As a beacon of Made in Italy excellence in jewellery and goldsmithing, Oroarezzo continues to consolidate its position nationally and internationally, blending design and quality with innovation and sustainability—a testament to market resilience."

The gold district of Arezzo plays a pivotal role in the provincial and national economy. Alessandro Polcrì, President of the Province of Arezzo, stated, "Arezzo's gold district is a driving force behind the provincial economy, boasting a rich tradition that has adapted to the times, demonstrating resilience amid various crises. The Province of Arezzo remains committed to supporting jewellery companies through synergies with education and employment sectors, nurturing specialized talent to propel the industry forward."

Despite geopolitical challenges, Oroarezzo remains a beacon for the international gold and jewellery exhibition circuit. Massimo Guasconi, President of the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce, remarked, "The 2024 edition reaffirms Oroarezzo's relevance, drawing hundreds of companies and a discerning array of international buyers. Despite prevailing tensions, the positive trajectory of our jewellery sector in recent years instills hope for continued success. Gratitude is extended to all who contributed to organizing this event, particularly IEG, a cornerstone of the Italian trade show sector."

Amidst market fluctuations, industry stakeholders seek stability. Mauro Benvenuto, President of the Provincial Council of Arezzo Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, expressed, "Our sector craves stability amid escalating conflicts, which trigger price volatility in raw materials, sparking concerns for businesses. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs remain optimistic about Oroarezzo's potential, recognizing IEG's commendable efforts. These four days will provide insights into market reactions to recent price fluctuations, determining the sector's resilience."

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) continues to support Oroarezzo and IEG's jewellery agenda. Matteo Masini, Manager of the Italian Trade Agency Consumer Goods Office, highlighted, "Our partnership with IEG aims to promote Italian events and companies both domestically and abroad. Oroarezzo's robust buyer attendance owes much to our promotional initiatives and office collaborations, providing companies access to otherwise elusive markets. Oroarezzo represents a crucial opportunity amidst resumed connections between companies and foreign markets, fostering sectoral growth."

Oroarezzo not only serves as a platform for evaluating industry performance but also as a catalyst for exploring new markets. Tiziana Nisini, Vice President of the 11th Public and Private Employment Commission, observed, "Oroarezzo reflects upon a stellar year for the Arezzo goldsmith district, boasting a 9.4% export growth, surpassing other districts. At a time of geopolitical uncertainty, Oroarezzo's role in diversifying markets becomes increasingly vital. Local administrators and policymakers must support entrepreneurs through training and employment initiatives to navigate market challenges."

Once again, Oroarezzo showcases the excellence of Tuscan goldsmithing, a cornerstone of the regional economy. Leonardo Marras, Tuscany Regional Councillor for the Economy, Productive Activities, Credit Policies, and Tourism, affirmed, "Oroarezzo offers unparalleled visibility for high-end Tuscan goldsmithing, contributing significantly to the region's economy. Amid positive export trends, fueled by international jewellery market growth and gold value appreciation, the Arezzo gold district solidifies its position as an industrial leader. Oroarezzo remains a linchpin for the jewellery sector nationally and internationally."

The event features discussions on responsible sourcing, jewellery design, and more. Today's agenda includes sessions on surface treatment for jewellery and the importance of communication in the jewellery industry, culminating in the Première Competition award ceremony, themed "Love and Beauty," honouring the best of Italian craftsmanship.

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