Noted gem cutter Tom Munsteiner passes away

World-renowned and award-winning gem carver Tom Munsteiner died at his home in Germany on December 28 at the age of 54
Noted gem cutter Tom Munsteiner passes away

Tom Munsteiner, the proprietor of Atelier Munsteiner in Stipshausen, Germany, represented the fourth generation of his family in the gem industry. Renowned for his distinctive cutting style, he was a visionary in the field of lapidary arts, as acknowledged by his family in a statement released recently.

Expressing his passion for his work, Munsteiner once shared with the Art Jewellery Forum in 2015, "The never-ending possibilities to design something new" excited him the most. His father, Bernd Munsteiner, also a distinguished cutter, collaborated with his wife, Jutta, who designed the jewelry showcasing their crafted stones. Tom's son, Philipp, followed in his footsteps as a cutter, ensuring the continuation of their specialised work with the dedicated team in Germany.

Tom Munsteiner will be fondly remembered for his robust laughter and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge within the lapidary community, according to his family. They have requested friends to honour his memory by visiting their booth at the upcoming GJX or Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery during the Tucson gem shows.

Survived by his wife, son, father, and mother, Hanne, Tom Munsteiner leaves behind a legacy that will endure through the ongoing work of his family and their commitment to the artistry he passionately embraced.

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