Los Angeles Artist Maggi Simpkins Unveils Diamond-Set Bose Earbuds

Using Bose Ultra Open Earbuds as the canvas, Simpkins has adorned these custom pieces with a captivating array of white diamonds
Los Angeles Artist Maggi Simpkins Unveils Diamond-Set Bose Earbuds

Los Angeles-based artist and jeweller, Maggi Simpkins, has recently joined forces with Bose to introduce a dazzling innovation to the world of audio accessories. The collaboration has resulted in a stunning pair of diamond-set earbuds, showcased by musician Kenzie Ziegler at the Billboard Women in Music Awards.

Crafted from Bose Ultra Open Earbuds, these custom pieces have been adorned with a captivating array of white diamonds, seamlessly blending functionality with high fashion.

Simpkins' meticulous design process involved custom-cutting diamonds to precisely fit the contours of the headphones, before delicately setting them in yellow gold. The result is a striking yet tasteful accessory that elevates any ensemble without overpowering the wearer's overall look.

In discussing her creative vision, Maggi Simpkins shares, "The objective was to create something noticeable and sparkly on stage. I wanted the buds to be an eye-catching statement piece, but didn't want them to dominate her look." This careful balance between sophistication and showmanship is evident in every facet of Simpkins' design.

This collaboration marks another innovative venture for Bose, following previous partnerships with esteemed jewelers. Notably, the tech company enlisted artist Victor Solomon to craft custom gold-plated, diamond-set earbuds for USA Basketball stars Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton. Additionally, Bose collaborated with Atlanta-based jewellery firm Icebox to embellish another pair of earbuds with 365 diamonds for Colombian sensation Maluma, who flaunted them on the prestigious Grammy Awards red carpet in 2024.

With each collaboration, Bose continues to blur the lines between technology and luxury, offering consumers a unique blend of cutting-edge audio performance and exquisite craftsmanship. Maggi Simpkins' diamond-set Bose earbuds serve as a testament to this ongoing commitment to innovation and style in the realm of audio accessories.

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