Leaders of De Beers and Signet meet teams in Botswana to discuss future opportunities for natural diamonds

This aims to identify opportunities to promote the positive economic impact of natural diamonds and advance strategies for a bright future
Al Cook and Gina Drosos in Botswana
Al Cook and Gina Drosos in Botswana

Al Cook, CEO of De Beers Group – the world’s leading diamond company – and Gina Drosos, CEO of Signet Jewelers – the world’s leading diamond jewellery retailer – came together in Botswana this week to meet with their local teams in Botswana and discuss future collaboration opportunities to promote the beauty and benefits that come from natural diamonds. Their teams in Botswana shared first hand, advancements, as well as the incredible impact that comes from natural diamonds, in the form of education, philanthropy, healthcare and GDP.

During the trip, Gina Drosos and the Signet team visited the world's most valuable diamond mine, Jwaneng, including its hospital which supports the local community. Gina also visited Signet’s dedicated diamond polishing factory in Botswana, which employs 201 people of whom more than 88 per cent are Botswana citizens, and 63 per cent are women.

Gina Drosos said: “Signet is a Purpose oriented company and it is so rewarding to see first-hand how the diamonds we source, polish and sell are helping to grow and shape the future of nations such as Botswana. Since the discovery of diamonds in the country, and through our ongoing commitment to the country, Botswana has enjoyed one of the world’s fastest per capita economic growth rates. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of national GDP derives from diamonds, and revenues from the diamond industry have also transformed education, healthcare and infrastructure. Our team of more than 200 members are active in the local Botswana community, and our Signet Direct Sourcing has become a truly great place to work. Meanwhile, it’s been amazing to see Botswana’s work on conservation and environmental stewardship also transform and evolve. This team and community, and our partnerships here, are aligned with our Purpose of Inspiring Love. As such, we want to help our customers understand more about the story of where their diamond comes from and the positive difference it makes to people’s lives.”

Al Cook said: “We are very pleased to be working alongside Signet. Our two companies stretch from Botswana, the leading diamond producer, to the United States, the leading diamond market. We share a passion for natural diamonds and the good they can bring. As we deepen our commitment to supplying diamonds from Botswana, we are also strengthening our relationship with Signet in the United States and beyond.”

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