Kiran Gems Moves Global Headquarters to Surat Diamond Bourse

Kiran Gems Moves Global Headquarters to Surat Diamond Bourse

This strategic move is seen as a pivotal moment for the diamond industry, underscoring Surat's prominence as the epicenter of diamond cutting and polishing worldwide

Kiran Gems, a leading diamond manufacturer, has relocated its headquarters to the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), a state-of-the-art complex hosting over 4,000 diamond traders and exporters.

The decision to shift was driven by Kiran Gems' steadfast commitment to innovation, efficiency, and strategic expansion. Highlighting Surat's distinguished heritage in diamond craftsmanship and the modern amenities offered by the SDB, the company emphasized how this aligns seamlessly with its vision of excellence and progress.

Kiran Gems' new office at the SDB features meticulously planned infrastructure designed to foster an optimal business environment. Dinesh Lakhani, Global Director of Kiran Gems, expressed enthusiasm about the move, stating, "Surat Diamond Bourse provides an ideal environment for us to uphold our legacy of crafting the world's finest diamonds, while embracing innovation and sustainability." He further reiterated the company's dedication to supporting the SDB's initiative in serving the global diamond trade and meeting the needs of its clientele.

The relocation to the Surat Diamond Bourse signifies Kiran Gems' strategic focus on leveraging Surat's robust ecosystem to drive operational efficiencies and strengthen its global market presence in the competitive diamond industry landscape.

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