Jewellery Shines Bright in the Luxury Goods Market: Bain & Company Report

Bain & Company’s recent "Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study," conducted in collaboration with Altagamma, underscores jewellery's exceptional performance amidst broader market uncertainties
Jewellery Shines Bright in the Luxury Goods Market: Bain & Company Report

Jewellery has emerged as a shining star in the complex tapestry of the global luxury goods market, according to Bain & Company’s latest study. Amidst economic slowdowns and shifting consumer preferences, jewellery sales have demonstrated robust growth, outpacing other categories like watches.

The appeal of jewellery lies in its dual nature: it serves both as a timeless investment and a personal luxury indulgence. Consumers are increasingly drawn to jewellery pieces that offer not only aesthetic appeal but also long-term value. This trend is evident across both entry-level pieces and high-end jewellery, reflecting a broad spectrum of consumer preferences and economic resilience.

Federica Levato, partner at Bain & Company and leader of the EMEA Luxury Goods and Fashion practice, emphasized the significance of jewellery’s performance. "Jewellery has consistently delivered strong sales, driven by investment-led purchases and a growing affinity for luxury experiences," Levato stated. This resilience has positioned jewellery as a cornerstone of growth for luxury brands navigating uncertain market conditions.

The study’s findings highlight jewellery's ability to attract a diverse consumer base, spanning generations and economic backgrounds. Whether it’s a statement necklace or a classic diamond ring, jewellery continues to captivate consumers seeking both sophistication and enduring value.

Looking ahead, Bain & Company advises luxury brands to leverage jewellery’s strength by innovating in design, enhancing digital engagement strategies, and expanding into emerging markets. By capitalizing on jewellery’s allure and consumer demand, brands can navigate challenges and sustain growth in an evolving luxury landscape.

For luxury brands and enthusiasts alike, jewellery stands as a testament to enduring elegance and investment potential in an ever-changing global market.

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