Indian Representation Flourishes in Antwerp World Diamond Centre Leadership

The Indian diamond industry is celebrating a significant milestone following recent elections at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), where five out of six newly elected board members hail from India
Indian Representation Flourishes in Antwerp World Diamond Centre Leadership

The elections, held over two days earlier this week, saw a diverse representation from various categories based on company sales figures.

In a competitive process, the board positions were divided into three distinct categories based on sales volumes. In the category representing companies with sales exceeding 100 million Euros, Ravi Bhansali, Managing Director of Rosy Blue NV, and Isi Mörsel from Dali Diamonds Company emerged victorious. Meanwhile, in the category encompassing companies with sales below 30 million Euros, Chirag Shah of Yashvi Diamonds and Samit Mehta of Snehdiam were elected. In the category ranging between 30 to 100 million Euros, Prakash Patel of Veediam and Hitesh Kakadiya of Sheetal Europe secured their seats.

The election results reflect a strong desire for change within the diamond community, as noted by Ravi Bhansali, who highlighted the board's composition as predominantly consisting of first-time members from the next generation. "We are assuming responsibility at a critical juncture for the global diamond industry, which is currently facing significant challenges," Bhansali remarked to TOI.

Rosy Blue NV, expressing pride in their director's appointment, shared on Instagram, "We are honored to announce that Ravi Bhansali has been elected as a Board Member for AWDC for the coming four years. In this role, he will play a pivotal part in shaping AWDC policies, contributing to the service and protection of the Antwerp diamond community."

The election outcome not only underscores the growing influence of Indian stakeholders in the global diamond trade but also signals a shift towards diverse and forward-thinking leadership within AWDC. As these newly elected members prepare to steer the future of the Antwerp diamond industry, anticipation is high for the innovative strategies and collaborative efforts they will bring to the forefront.

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