Indian jewellery retail to get new Turkish entrant

Zen Diamond, a Turkish jewellery brand, set to expand into the Indian market with flagship stores in major metropolitan areas
Indian jewellery retail to get new Turkish entrant

Zen Diamond, a diamond jewellery brand originating from Turkey, has unveiled its strategy to penetrate the Indian market by establishing a network of stores in key metropolitan hubs such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. In addition, the brand intends to launch its online platform during the initial phase, targeting both young aspirational individuals and middle-aged consumers in India. Plans are also in place to extend operations to tier 2 and tier 3 cities in subsequent phases.

Emil Guzelis, the Chairman of Zen Diamond, has joined forces with Neil Sonawala to spearhead the brand's operations in India. With extensive experience in developing jewellery distribution networks across Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia, Neil Sonawala brings valuable expertise garnered from advisory roles with prominent entities like the De Beers group and major retail chains across Southeast Asia.

Emphasizing India's projected position as the fastest-growing market for diamond jewellery in the coming decades, Emil Guzelis expressed the brand's ambition to establish itself as the preferred choice among Indian consumers. Neil Sonawala underscored the brand's commitment to catering to the increasingly tech-savvy and globally aware online buyers by offering access to international jewellery trends at competitive prices. This, coupled with exceptional customer service and immersive in-store experiences, aims to redefine the diamond jewellery landscape in India.

Founded in Istanbul in 2000 by Emil Guzelis, Zen Diamond has evolved into a prominent diamond jewellery brand with nearly 400 stores worldwide.

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