India Sees Record Sale of Largest Lab-Grown Diamond: A 20.06 Carat Marvel

In a milestone for the Indian jewellery industry, a 20.06 carat lab-grown diamond has been sold, marking a significant leap in both innovation and luxury
India Sees Record Sale of Largest Lab-Grown Diamond: A 20.06 Carat Marvel

In a groundbreaking achievement, by CKC has successfully sold India’s largest lab-grown diamond to date—a stunning 20.06 carat emerald-cut gem. This remarkable sale marks a significant milestone in the country’s jewellery industry, underscoring’s leadership in the burgeoning market for lab-grown diamonds.

Surpassing all previous records in India, this monumental diamond, with its F color and VS1 clarity, represents a pinnacle of beauty and innovation. Crafted over 60 days in a state-of-the-art laboratory by a team of 10 artisans and brillianteers, the diamond underwent rigorous quality checks at each stage, ensuring flawless perfection.

Identical to natural diamonds in physical, chemical, and optical properties, this lab-grown marvel exemplifies luxury without compromise, appealing to discerning collectors who value both quality and sustainability.

Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director at C. Krishniah Chetty, expressed pride in’s commitment to revolutionizing the jewellery industry. He highlighted, “The sale of the 20.06-carat lab-grown diamond signifies our dedication to excellence and our vision for the future of luxury.”

As pioneers in the lab-grown diamond sector, continues to redefine affordable luxury, catering to modern consumers’ evolving preferences for sustainable and ethically sourced gems. This landmark sale not only celebrates innovation but also reinforces’s role in shaping the future of luxury jewellery.

Moving forward, remains dedicated to expanding accessibility to high-quality lab-grown diamonds, offering a compelling choice for today’s conscious consumers and first-time diamond buyers alike.

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