IGI Introduces Light Performance Reports for Round Brilliant Diamonds

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) introduces Light Performance Grading Reports for round brilliant-cut diamonds, offering a comprehensive assessment of their exceptional optical qualities
IGI Introduces Light Performance Reports for Round Brilliant Diamonds

IGI's Light Performance Grading Reports represent a significant advancement in diamond assessment, offering a detailed analysis of key optical qualities. With brightness, fire, and contrast being crucial factors in a diamond's visual appeal, this grading system provides both a primary score and sub-component scores for each aspect, allowing for a nuanced evaluation of light performance.

The development of this system involved rigorous research and analysis by IGI researchers, who utilized ray-tracing software and slope proportions logic to assess a broad spectrum of parametric data sets across different table sizes. This scientific approach ensures accuracy and reliability in evaluating the optical properties of round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Moreover, the inclusion of computer-generated maps and Ideal-Scope images enhances the clarity of the assessment process, providing visual representations of light return, light leakage, and contrast. This allows for further expert analysis and interpretation of the diamond's light behaviour, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions when it comes to diamond selection and evaluation.

By offering comprehensive Light Performance Grading Reports, IGI aims to support diamond manufacturers, sellers, and buyers in their quest for high-performing diamonds. These reports not only provide valuable insights into the beauty of diamonds but also empower stakeholders with the information needed to optimize their diamond-related endeavors.

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