IGI 17th D Show: Paving the Way for Unprecedented Growth in the Diamond Industry in 2024!

In a dazzling display of opulence and ingenuity, the diamond industry's foremost event, the IGI 17th D Show, recently unfolded its grandeur, illuminating new pathways for business growth and innovation
IGI 17th D Show: Paving the Way for Unprecedented Growth in the Diamond Industry in 2024!
pravin gaonkar

The successful conclusion of IGI's 17th Edition of D-Show in Goa from 10th to 12th December 2023 event was an extremely fruitful experience for all the participants as it provided a platform to explore the latest innovations, design, and uncharted markets. With 40 natural and lab-grown diamond exhibitors and 100+ retailers, the event proved to be a robust networking platform that allowed attendees to build relationships and explore new opportunities.

The IGI D Show has come a long way since its inception, and after 16 successful editions, it has become a matter of pride for participants who share their stories of success and growth, all thanks to the IGI D Show. From sharing knowledge and networking to exploring commercial avenues and gathering relationships that matter, the IGI D Show is indeed an accomplishment.

IGI's personalized touch to every aspect of the show helped all the participants to own the opportunity and broaden their horizons, making it the perfect opportunity to take their businesses to the next level. Hear it from our participants - "Congratulations on another fantastic show! From client selection to exhibitor profiles, hospitality, logistics, and networking events, everything was impeccable. IGI D Show provides an excellent platform for exploring business opportunities and fostering growth. It's a well-managed event that creates a serene environment for manufacturers and retailers to build the business together," Ronak Lodha, Ranisaa Couture Jewellery.

"It was a great experience being part of IGI D-show. It turned out to be an opportunity to meet jewellery manufacturers/suppliers in a leisurely atmosphere and develop a healthy business bond. All the exhibitors were very welcoming. The venue, hospitality, food ... everything was superb. The herculean efforts behind the scenes made by the passionate and committed IGI team in making the event unforgettable were visible. Their flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of was worth appreciation. The active presence of Mr. Tehmasp Printer made the event lively and encouraging. I wholeheartedly thank the whole IGI team and especially Mr. Tehmasp Printer for everything that you all have done to make the event a cherished memory." Hastimall Banthia and Santosh Banthia, Tatsam Jewels, Surat.

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