IEG, Vicenzaoro September Explores Jewellery's Digital Revolution

Virtual walkways, augmented reality, 3D printing, phygital retail experiences.
IEG, Vicenzaoro September Explores Jewellery's Digital Revolution

Smart jewellery with a hi-tech soul, traced throughout the supply chain. From the creative process to production, from logistics to communication and sales services: the digital revolution runs through the entire gold and jewellery supply chain. Its impact on the industry will be one of the main themes of Vicenzaoro September (VOS) 2023, from 8th to 12th September at Vicenza Expo Centre (Italy) together with VO'Clock Privé (8th - 10th September), the contemporary watchmaking event open to the public of enthusiasts.

Through talks, seminars and areas dedicated to innovation, the show will explore the boundaries of an accelerating phenomenon: according to the “Luxury and technology: the beginning of a new era” study published by Bain & Company on behalf of Comité Colbert, in the next 3 years luxury companies will employ an average of 3 types of emerging technologies more than those already in use.


Solutions from the sector's most innovative start-ups and SMEs will be at Vicenzaoro September in the Startup & Carats area, a project organised in collaboration with ITA – Italian Trade Agency. At VOS for the first time Livemote, a start-up from Arezzo with headquarters in Rome, which develops software for technical assistance on machinery through augmented reality and 3D modelling based on photographic media. Particular Materialsfrom Padua is also a new entry in Vicenza with its technology for supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeiting: nanoparticles invisible to eye are integrated into the product or material and guarantee its authenticity thanks to portable X-ray analyzers. The digital tools on show will include the Bologna-based start-up Change2, which promotes augmented reality and 3D configuration to measure rings and bracelets by framing them with a smartphone, as well as Alo Solutions from Arezzo for creating professional product photo or video shoots directly from a mobile phone. Art&sofT, a digital agency from Valenza, will be bringing its multilingual management software specifically for the jewellery sector, integrated with business intelligence services to synchronise physical shop and e-commerce data. Officina Orafa, based in Calabria and with a new branch in Rome, will be presenting its patented clasp for modular and interchangeable necklaces and bracelets, and Milan-based Fortitudo Finance its subsidised finance service aimed at jewellery companies to obtain non-repayable contributions for innovation.


Creative processes, craftsmanship and human sensitivity are key ingredients in the jewellery industry. Will they be able to survive the advance of technology and artificial intelligence? This will be the introductory question to the “AI - Art Intelligence” event organised by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, IEG's independent observatory on the world of jewellery, which, on Saturday 9th September will be presenting “The Jewellery Trendbook 2025+”, a reference publication for the international jewellery market that describes emerging social phenomena and consumption trends over the next 18 months. The event will feature international speakers: Nadine Kanso, Creative Director, designer and founder of the jewellery brand Bil Arabi with its intricate shapes inspired by Arabic calligraphy; Stefano Russo, Creative Director and multifaceted designer who has been in charge of Louis Vuitton's eyewear design since 2008; Sienna O'Rourke, artist A.I. and creator of Planet Fantastique, a digital universe with a futuristic yet retro pastel-hued aesthetic; Lalla and Davide Busatti, co-founders and Creative Directors of the high jewellery company Busatti 1947. This will be followed by the presentation of The Jewellery TrendBook 2025+ by Paola De Luca, co-founder and Creative Director of Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, with an overview of the trends for jewellery’s near future.


The possible impacts of artificial intelligence-based systems on the jewellery industry will also be discussed in the seminar entitled “The coming revolution: artificial intelligence and its impact on the jewellery industry” organised in collaboration with CIBJO, the World Confederation of Jewellery. On Sunday 10th September, several speakers will take turns on the stage of the Teatro Palladio, including David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, a company that develops, produces and sells technologies for the diamond industry; Sara Yood, Deputy General Counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee; Paola De Luca, co-founder and Creative Director of Trendvision Jewelery + Forecasting, moderated by David Brough, editor and co-founder of the British magazine Jewellery Outlook.

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