HRD Antwerp boosts diamond supply chain transparency with New Delhi Laboratory

In a bid to elevate transparency and authenticity within India's diamond and jewellery market, HRD Antwerp, a leading European authority in diamond and jewellery certification, inaugurated its newest laboratory in New Delhi
HRD Antwerp boosts diamond supply chain transparency with New Delhi Laboratory

The ceremony was graced by esteemed guests including Steven De Wilde, Deputy Head of Mission at the Belgian Embassy, alongside Gaurav Bawa and Rakesh Saraf. Noteworthy attendees from princely states of India and royal families also marked their presence, highlighting the significance of this milestone for the industry.

Ramakant Mitkar, Managing Director of HRD Antwerp India, emphasized the pivotal role of the laboratory in empowering consumers and retail brands in North India. With concerns over the proliferation of lab-grown diamonds and potential contamination of natural diamond jewellery, Mitkar stressed the importance of international certification in instilling confidence and value in purchases.

Mitkar highlighted the evolving landscape of the diamond market, underscoring the need for consumers to be vigilant and informed. Despite lab-grown diamonds sharing identical chemical compositions with natural diamonds, their market value can plummet significantly, posing risks for unsuspecting buyers. Mitkar reiterated HRD Antwerp's commitment to detecting fraudulent practices and ensuring the integrity of the supply chain.

The laboratory's services extend beyond certification, with HRD Antwerp introducing innovative products such as "HRD for memories" and a dedicated retailer application. These offerings are designed to further enhance the consumer experience and streamline processes within the industry.

Establishing a laboratory signifies HRD Antwerp's dedication to fostering transparency and trustworthiness within India's diamond sector. By providing reliable certification and cutting-edge services, HRD Antwerp aims to empower consumers and uphold the integrity of the diamond supply chain.

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