Her Story Rebrands as ANEKA with Bold Global Launch in May 2024

Modern Fine Jewellery Maison Opens in Paris and Plans Expansion to America Amid an Audacious Reinvention
Her Story Rebrands as ANEKA with Bold Global Launch in May 2024

The luxury Maison formerly known as Her Story is now ANEKA, signaling a new era of global expansion and innovation. Launching in Paris and soon to touch America, ANEKA introduces new collections inspired by universal modern values. The brand will unveil high jewellery pieces and men’s collections, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and environmental goals.

ANEKA, derived from the Sanskrit words "anek" (many) and "ek" (one), embodies the union of individuality in a modern, diverse world. This name reflects values such as strength, grace, vibrancy, power, harmony, and love across various cultures and languages, allowing ANEKA to maintain a global identity while honoring its roots. "It is no longer just about 'her' story," says Chairman Philippe Nobile. "ANEKA asks a modern question about the individual's role within the collective. Representing only the collective doesn't make sense, and elevating the individual above the collective doesn't align with our values. For me, ANEKA is a deeply philosophical name."

ANEKA will continue its presence in Mumbai’s premier art district, Kala Ghoda, and is now featured at Le Printemps Haussmann in Paris, with plans to enter the American market and establish another flagship boutique in India.

CEO Ankit Mehta states, “Creating a modern, global, and inclusive brand requires adaptability and evolution. ANEKA’s team is a global network of talented individuals united by a mission to elevate a new-age luxury brand. We seek to connect meaningfully with people and draw inspiration from heritage and culture to reach every part of the world.”

Each ANEKA collection is meticulously crafted over nine months to a year in the Maison’s state-of-the-art atelier, fully integrated from material sourcing to retail. The designs feature best-in-class diamonds in unique cuts and exquisite precious gemstones set in pure 18K recycled gold, embracing a 'new luxury' where meaning transcends material value.

Brand Director Sitanshi Talati-Parikh says, “ANEKA’s raison d'être is to create meaning and positive impact, both through action and as a source of inspiration. By representing diverse voices and values, we foster understanding of varied perspectives. We are passionate about the dialogue between individual values and the dynamic, mindful, and inclusive modern world.”

ANEKA recognizes the environmental and social impacts associated with its materials. Committed to international standards, fair-trade, and fair-wage practices, it supports the artisan community, including training and support for women artisans. ANEKA is also exploring emerging technologies to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 through an active sustainability program.

The Maison’s headquarters will be in Geneva, with international offices in Paris, Mumbai, New York, and Milan. ANEKA is backed by Walking Tree, a global leader in gems and jewellery based in Paris and Geneva, with a network spanning Europe, India, and America.

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