Grading Diamonds With Integrity, Consistency and Accuracy

Confidence is everything in the diamond sector. Customers, suppliers, financiers and end consumers all increasingly demand assurance when it comes to diamonds
Grading Diamonds With Integrity, Consistency and Accuracy

With over 130 years of experience as a leader in the industry, the De Beers Group plays a pivotal role in instilling confidence across all touchpoints where its diamonds are present. Through the De Beers Institute of Diamonds, the company offers top-tier diamond verification, education, and service solutions, ensuring integrity, knowledge, and accurate assessment of its products.

Every diamond graded through their services is guaranteed to be natural, untreated, and sourced from recognized producers. De Beers emphasizes that a diamond's value extends beyond mere weight and appearance.

Leveraging their unparalleled expertise and heritage, the company is dedicated to educating individuals and enhancing businesses within the industry. Recognizing the significance of knowledgeable personnel in such a specialized field, De Beers, as a longstanding leader in the diamond sector, is well-positioned to provide invaluable insights.

Each diamond processed by De Beers benefits from their extensive expertise and exclusive proprietary technology, which includes advanced verification instruments available for sale to the trade.

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