Gemfields Celebrates Emerald Month, Spotlighting Each Gem's Unique Tale

Gemfields, a renowned name in the world of gemstones, is embracing the essence of Emerald Month with a captivating campaign that delves into the intricate narratives woven within each precious emerald
Gemfields Celebrates Emerald Month, Spotlighting Each Gem's Unique Tale

Emeralds, with their serene green hues, embody nature's essence, symbolizing growth, hope, and new beginnings. As the glorious birthstone of May, this year's emerald month campaign by Gemfields pays homage to their natural splendor, showcasing emeralds both in their raw form and as the polished treasures we cherish, with a special focus on the captivating inclusions nestled within each gem.

The campaign aims to offer a light educational experience, shedding light on the unique nature of each emerald and emphasizing their rarity. It celebrates the inclusions, sometimes referred to as 'jardin' (French for garden), that grace emeralds, beautifully captured in magnified campaign images by Lotus Gemology. Inclusions, formed during the gem's creation, are nature's signature, each telling a distinct tale to be embraced and admired.

Emeralds belong to the beryl mineral family, which includes aquamarine, morganite, and heliodor, but it's the lush green emerald that has captured hearts and commanded value throughout history. Gemfields mines emeralds in Zambia, though they can also be found in Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and other locales. Zambian emeralds owe their intense green hue to the presence of chromium, iron, and beryllium in their crystal structure, often lacking vanadium, resulting in a sharp, bluish-green gem prized for its clarity.

Gemfields has collaborated with talented fine jewellery designers worldwide, resulting in a diverse range of collections spotlighting Zambian emeralds. The Shruti Sushma x Gemfields collection, inspired by Indian heritage, features the striking Emerald Hexagon Necklace, composed of large emeralds that invite exploration of the world within each gem. For everyday elegance, the Waterlily Emerald and Diamond Earrings offer a soothing floral motif, while the Emerald Cluster Earrings exude fresh allure.

The IVY New York x Gemfields collaboration showcases substantial emerald statement rings, accented with diamonds, offering brides a unique alternative to traditional solitaire diamonds. The Fabergé x Gemfields Colours of Love collection presents pear-shaped emerald drop earrings and more, while the MidnightOperaHouse x Gemfields collaboration introduces three one-off pieces celebrating emeralds in timeless Oriental, Baroque, and Art Deco styles.

When purchasing an emerald, myriad factors come into play, with Gemfields suggesting following the 7Cs—color, cut, carat, clarity, character, certification/reports, and confidence—as a guideline. Colour preference is subjective, though evenness and saturation are often favoured, best assessed in daylight. The emerald cut, known for its solid structure and soul-revealing qualities, is popular, alongside pear and cushion cuts.

Carat weight and clarity significantly influence price, with clear gems generally more prized. Inclusions, inherent to emeralds, add character, with some resembling leopard spots or creating mesmerizing scenes akin to outer space or ocean depths. Seeking a certificate/report from an independent gemological laboratory ensures transparency regarding origin and treatments, while purchasing from trusted sources promotes confidence in ethical sourcing practices.

Gemfields advocates for gemstones to have a positive impact, striving to ensure its operations and community projects contribute to the greater good.

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