Gübelin's Titanium Masterpiece: Unveiling Vibrant Wings in Haute Joaillerie

Crafted by Gübelin, this masterpiece harnesses the transformative potential of titanium in jewellery design, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing allure of a Burmese sapphire to embody the delicate elegance of a butterfly with unmatched grace
Gübelin's Titanium Masterpiece: Unveiling Vibrant Wings in Haute Joaillerie
GÜBELIN / HedigerS / KRT

In the realm of haute joaillerie, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity, the Vibrant Wings collection stands out as a testament to elegance and innovation. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of a Burmese sapphire, this creation by Gübelin captures the essence of a butterfly with exquisite detail and flair.

Crafted from titanium, Vibrant Wings dazzles with its shimmering play of colours, adorned with brightly-hued sapphires, glittering diamonds, and the iconic Gübelin ruby. Whether worn as a statement cocktail ring or an elegant brooch, this jewel embodies the pinnacle of artisanship and Gübelin's unique design language.

Titanium: Strength in Elegance

Titanium, a material synonymous with strength and lightness, serves as the backbone of Vibrant Wings. Its durability, coupled with its captivating colour effects, makes it a prime choice for high jewellery. However, working with titanium demands the utmost skill and precision due to its hardness. It took over 500 hours of meticulous craftsmanship to bring Vibrant Wings to life, a testament to Gübelin's dedication to perfection.

Design: A Symphony of Gemstones

The organic design of Vibrant Wings draws inspiration from the delicate wings of a butterfly. Meticulously hand-picked gemstones totalling over 22 carats are arranged in an intricate dance of cuts and colours, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light. This poetic piece reflects Gübelin's expertise in gemmology and their commitment to artisanship.

GÜBELIN / HedigerS / KRT

Haute Joaillerie: A Transformative Experience

As a true haute joaillerie masterpiece, Vibrant Wings offers versatility and elegance. It can be effortlessly transformed from a captivating cocktail ring to a sophisticated brooch, paying homage to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Its sculptural design, combined with impeccable craftsmanship, elevates any ensemble with style and grace.

Iconic Ruby: A Symbol of Passion

At the heart of Vibrant Wings lies the iconic Gübelin ruby, a symbol of love and passion. Its fiery brilliance adds a touch of glamour to the piece, complementing the vibrant hues of the surrounding gemstones. For Gübelin, the ruby embodies their "Deeply Inspired" philosophy, reflecting a profound dedication to beauty, knowledge, and expertise.

Deeply Inspired: A Legacy of Excellence

The "Deeply Inspired" philosophy is at the core of Gübelin's ethos, guiding their pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their craft. Rooted in a rich heritage of family tradition and innovation, Gübelin continues to push the boundaries of haute joaillerie, creating timeless treasures that inspire awe and admiration.

GÜBELIN / HedigerS / KRT

Thus Vibrant Wings is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a testament to Gübelin's unwavering commitment to beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship. With its captivating design and meticulous attention to detail, it soars to new heights of elegance and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

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