Gübelin Gem Lab presents a new service: The Gem Passport

The Gem Passport is designed to accompany emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires of up to 3.00 ct with a genuine Gübelin Gem Lab document
Gübelin Gem Lab presents a new service: The Gem Passport

Gem Passport is powered by Gemtelligence, enabling trustworthy lab testing at a very attractive price point.

Gem Passport

For certain stone sizes and more commercial qualities, the trade so far was hesitant to invest in gemmological reports from prestigious gem labs. Thanks to the achievements of the deep-learning software Gemtelligence™, the Gübelin Gem Lab now launches the Gem Passport. This will also help jewellery brands as well as retailers and increase trust.

The Gem Passport contains the main identification features of a gemstone, such as species and variety, country of origin and a simplified disclosure of the treatment status. The Gem Passport focuses on key features of the gem, which are determined by artificial intelligence. This shortens the testing workflow, in particular the labour-intensive microscopic assessment, and allows a lower pricing.

Gem Passports are available for unmounted rubies, blue sapphires and emeralds up to 3.00 ct. This new and innovative gemmological document is offered for a very competitive fee of CHF 200 (USD 215), making it attractive for gemstones of smaller size or moderate value. Gem Passports do not contain any quality or rarity additions, i.e. no trade colour call, appendix, info sheet or rating document. All locations of the Gübelin Gem Lab are offering the Gem Passport.

Daniel Nyfeler, Managing Director of the Gübelin Gem Lab, explains: “We believe that the Gem Passport is a highly attractive and affordable service for stones which so far were not accompanied by a testing document from a globally respected lab, giving peace of mind also to brands and retailers.”

Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin, explains: “The Gem Passport demonstrates our striving for innovation and expresses our pioneering spirit. We want to contribute and support the industry, making gemmological documents for smaller stones affordable that were often not in the scope so far. Gem Passports are the next step following Gemtelligence. They are an addition to our range of services and are an attractive solution to accompany gems of more moderate value.”

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