Diamond Funding Innovation in Southern Africa

Bonas Group and Delgatto Diamond Finance Fund introduce groundbreaking funding model for junior and mid-sized miners in Southern Africa and beyond
Diamond Funding Innovation in Southern Africa

Following numerous successful tripartite funding projects in the natural diamond and coloured gemstone industries, Bonas Group and the DelGatto Diamond Finance Fund are pleased to offer an innovative new funding model for junior miners and mid-sized miners in Southern Africa and beyond.

Run-of-mine (ROM) diamond productions that are delivered to DelGatto’s office in Johannesburg or Bonas in Dubai will be valued by Bonas Group, using its proprietary price book. These ROM productions will be assorted by the Bonas Group to create desirable lots for sale. The ROM productions will be entitled to receive immediate funding from DelGatto on the basis of that valuation and that the rough is sold by Bonas Group’s tenders in either Antwerp or Dubai.

ROM coloured gemstone productions can be delivered to DelGatto’s or Bonas’ office in Dubai, where they will also be analyzed and sorted by Bonas Group. Viewings for Bonas Group’s coloured gemstones tenders are held in Bangkok.

Due to a minimum total value being required to make a tender viable, there might be a time gap for small ROM productions to ensure an adequate value is aggregated to make the tender worthwhile for all parties involved.

“This is the first time in our industry that small to midsized miners will have the ability to receive financing with a built-in sale structure and schedule. We are excited to bring this innovative solution to players at the top of the supply chain”, states Charles Bonas.

“We are thrilled to be working with a best-in-class company like Bonas Group. Their history, reputation and knowledge in dealing with rough diamonds and gemstones is second to none. This is a big step for DelGatto as we continue to seek out of the box ways to fund an industry that is basically excluded from the traditional credit markets”, states Chris DelGatto.

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