De Beers Unveils Retail Diamond Verification Device to Boost Consumer Confidence

This User-Friendly Tool Helps Distinguish Natural Diamonds from Lab-Grown Diamonds
De Beers Unveils Retail Diamond Verification Device to Boost Consumer Confidence

At the JCK trade show in Las Vegas, the De Beers Group introduced its latest diamond verification instrument to enhance consumer confidence by differentiating natural diamonds from lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) at the retail counter.

Innovative Screening Technology

This new device, designed for rapid screening of both loose diamonds and those set in jewellery, boasts a zero percent false positive rate, ensuring that no LGD will be mistakenly identified as a natural diamond. Results are delivered within seconds, and the device is affordably priced to support retailers in maintaining their reputation and boosting sales.

Consumer Awareness and Education

Despite research indicating that nearly half of consumers are unaware that LGDs can be easily detected, this tool underscores De Beers Group's commitment to over two decades of leadership in synthetic diamond detection technology. The device is suitable for use at the retail counter to assist in the sales process or in the back office for inventory checks. A high-quality digital screen allows consumers to see real-time differences between natural diamonds and LGDs, and can also display promotional or educational videos to aid the sales process.

Key Executive Insights

Sandrine Conseiller, CEO of De Beers Brands, emphasized the emotional significance of diamond purchases and the necessity for consumers to be assured of the authenticity and value of their diamonds. Conseiller highlighted the increasing importance of consumer confidence as the price gap between natural diamonds and LGDs widens.

Sarandos Gouvelis, Senior Vice President of Pricing, Product, and Technology Development, expressed excitement about the new device, following the earlier launch of the AMSMicro. He noted that this latest instrument is designed to help retail businesses build trust, reassure customers, and emphasize the unique value of natural diamonds, which are formed over billions of years.

Availability and Support

The first batch of these devices will be available later this year, with after-sales support and servicing provided within the US. Production will increase to meet the needs of US jewellery retailers. For more information, interested parties can email

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