De Beers Group Ignite Introduces Newest Diamond Verification Tool

Groundbreaking device provides fast, automated screening for tiny melee diamonds; KGK Suisse to receive inaugural unit
De Beers Group Ignite Introduces Newest Diamond Verification Tool

De Beers Group Ignite debuts its latest diamond verification tool, AMS Micro, pioneering rapid, automated screening for large volumes of minute melee diamonds, with KGK Suisse set to receive the inaugural device by month-end.

AMS Micro, a part of De Beers Group Ignite's comprehensive suite of diamond verification instruments, has undergone over two years of development and rigorous testing to ensure high accuracy rates, with the potential to reduce laboratory costs by up to 50% depending on screening volumes.

The instrument's groundbreaking 'robotic arm' automated feed and dispense function, requiring no specialized expertise, promises unparalleled speed and accuracy, saving users significant time and costs compared to manual processes.

Sarandos Gouvelis, head of De Beers Group Ignite, emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of natural diamonds, highlighting AMS Micro's role in differentiating between natural and lab-grown diamonds with its innovative technology and rapid results.

Patrik Schäfer, CEO of KGK's Swiss office, lauded AMS Micro for eliminating human error in testing and enhancing test traceability outside of laboratories, expressing confidence in its ability to increase volumes and delivery turnaround times, addressing key challenges faced by KGK Group.

Throughout the development process, De Beers Group Ignite collaborated closely with potential customers to ensure AMS Micro meets industry needs, with a positive response reflecting strong demand for its benefits.

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