Charles Zuber's Swiss Homecoming: Debut Retail Partner in Lucerne with Embassy Collaboration

Charles Zuber celebrates the opening of its very first point of sale in Switzerland, in the city of Lucerne, where the eponymous jeweller was born in 1932
Charles Zuber's Swiss Homecoming: Debut Retail Partner in Lucerne with Embassy Collaboration

This milestone in the development of the brand's distribution network testifies to the ongoing commitment to honour its roots and history

Charles Zuber’s inaugural retail space in Lucerne, Switzerland, on the premises of EMBASSY, one of the city’s leading watch retailers, offers an elegant and refined setting for discovering the brand’s two emblematic collections, PERFOS and POMANDER. Among the exclusive timepieces on display and available for sale: the PERFOS KARL, with its openworked movement and 84 saffron orange baguette-cut sapphires on the bezel, and the PERFOS 36mm "Diamonds", an elegant and sophisticated timepiece whose bezel set with 60 diamonds signals luxury, albeit discreetly. These two ethereal, contrasting creations will now be available to Lucerne residents and visitors alike.

Lucerne is known as one of Switzerland’s most postcard-perfect towns, situated right in the heart of the country and often shown reflected in the pristine waters of Lake Lucerne in the foreground, against the majestic snow-dappled backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Yet, beyond its prominent role in the tourism industry, Lucerne is also deeply steeped in Swiss watchmaking tradition and has always been a must-visit destination for watch enthusiasts from around the world.

Likewise, Embassy is much more than a retailer. The Lucerne institution stands as the guardian of Swiss watchmaking heritage, the very heartbeat of horology, and an essential stop for watch enthusiasts. The name embodies the very essence of Swiss excellence. Embassy Lucerne’s showcases are the temporary home of the most exquisite timepieces, crafted by Switzerland's finest manufacturers. Now, Charles Zuber has found its place there, too.

Vincent Perego, co-founder and managing partner of Charles Zuber, expressed his enthusiasm about this historic opening: “Lucerne was one of the main inspirations for Charles Zuber. Here is where it all began, and we are honoured to return to Charles' birthplace with our very first sales point in Switzerland. It is a tribute to his passion for the art of jewellery-making and to the city that shaped his journey.”

“We are delighted to welcome Charles Zuber on Swiss soil, here in Lucerne, within Embassy. As pioneers in our domain, we have always sought to showcase the most exceptional brands in the market, and Charles Zuber perfectly embodies the relentless pursuit of watchmaking and jewellery excellence that defines and drives us. I would add that bringing this brand back to its roots in the heart of Lucerne is a great source of pride for us. It speaks to our deep connection with the history and watchmaking heritage of our city, and we are thrilled to contribute to its international renown,» commented Urs Kissling, CEO of Embassy Watches & Jewellery.

The inauguration of the Charles Zuber space in Lucerne marks a significant milestone in the brand's expansion, which has already won the hearts of many watch and jewellery enthusiasts around the world. The new sales point has been open since mid-October 2023.

Stars of Lucerne sparkling in the city's shopping district during the Holiday Season.

Charles Zuber and the Star of Lucerne

Born on January 29, 1932, in Kriens, in the canton of Lucerne, Switzerland, Karl Zuber made the art of jewellery his passion starting at a very young age. He had just turned 15 when he began an apprenticeship with Burger, a goldsmith in the city of Lucerne. In his last year, at 17, he entered a competition for a Christmas decoration organized by the city council. The goal was to design the star for the traditional year-end illuminations. Charles’ entry won first prize. As soon as Christmas 1949, Charles Zuber's five-pointed stars rose for the first time, high above the cobbled streets of Lucerne, where they have long since become a hallmark of the holiday season... adding a touch of magic that makes Christmas in Lucerne so special.

Inspiring, contemporary and resolutely timeless – the Star of Lucerne now adorns the PERFOS KARL crown.

The star of Lucerne on the crown of the PERFOS KARL.

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