Celebrating Excellence and Social Responsibility: The 2024 Diamonds Do Good Award Honorees

The upcoming 2024 Diamonds Do Good Awards, scheduled to be unveiled on the eve of the JCK Las Vegas event, commend exceptional efforts in fostering both business excellence and societal advancement
Celebrating Excellence and Social Responsibility: The 2024 Diamonds Do Good Award Honorees

In a world where corporate responsibility is increasingly under scrutiny, the diamonds industry is stepping up to the plate. The 2024 Diamonds Do Good Awards, set to be presented on the eve of the JCK Las Vegas event, recognize outstanding contributions to both business success and social betterment.

1. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA): The Visionary Leadership Award

The GIA, the largest nonprofit institute dedicated to gemological laboratory services, research, and education, is a trailblazer in the industry. Their commitment to independence, excellence, trust, and transparency has set a standard for others to follow. Through innovative programs and unwavering dedication, the GIA illuminates the path toward a more sustainable and socially responsible future. Their efforts in consumer protection, education, environmental conservation, and social responsibility have left an indelible mark on the industry and have contributed to the betterment of communities worldwide.

2. London Jewelers: Community Impact Award

For over nine decades, London Jewelers has been more than just a luxury retailer; it has been a cornerstone of philanthropy and community betterment. Their commitment to giving back has made them a beacon of trust and integrity in the industry. By not only providing exquisite jewelry but also fostering a culture of generosity and compassion, London Jewelers exemplifies the profound influence a business can have on its community.

3. Lisa Bridge, President & CEO of Ben Bridge Jewelers: The NextGen Award

Lisa Bridge embodies the spirit of the next generation of leaders in the natural diamond and jewellery industry. As the President & CEO of Ben Bridge Jewelers, she has spearheaded initiatives to connect with Gen Z and Millennial consumers through innovative ideas and meaningful contributions to the community. Her exceptional leadership has reshaped the industry landscape, making her a deserving recipient of the NextGen Award.

These honorees represent the pinnacle of excellence in both business acumen and social responsibility. Their commitment to championing community welfare serves as an inspiration to us all. As Anna Martin, Diamonds Do Good’s immediate past president, aptly puts it, we must proudly share their good works and those of the natural diamond industry with consumers who are seeking reassurances with their purchases.

The Diamonds Do Good Awards ceremony promises to be a night of celebration and inspiration. Taking place on Thursday, May 30th, at the Venetian Hotel, San Polo Ballroom in Las Vegas, it will bring together industry leaders, influencers, and advocates for a shared cause.

For those interested in attending or sponsoring this prestigious event, more information can be found at DiamondsDoGood.com/DDGawards/.

In a world where corporate responsibility is paramount, the Diamonds Do Good Awards shine a spotlight on those who are making a difference, proving that diamonds not only sparkle but also do good in the world.

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