Cartier's Trinity Collection Celebrates 100 Years with Snapchat AR Experience

Cartier pioneers a revolutionary fusion of luxury fashion and cutting-edge technology, marking a century of its iconic Trinity Collection with an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience on Snapchat
Cartier's Trinity Collection Celebrates 100 Years with Snapchat AR Experience

The Cartier Trinity Ring Lens invites users to explore the celebrated collection, virtually try on the distinguished Classic Trinity Ring, and seamlessly make purchases from anywhere, anytime. Powered by advanced technology including Ray Tracing and Hand Tracking, the AR try-on experience ensures unparalleled precision and realism. With each movement, the ring elegantly adjusts, capturing Cartier's craftsmanship and allowing users to envision its beauty on their fingers.

Developed in exclusive collaboration with Cartier, this groundbreaking technology underscores the brand's dedication not only to the quality of its metals and diamonds but also to ensuring an accurate fit for every wearer. Utilizing machine learning, the AR lens intelligently adapts to the 3D surface of the hand, delivering a lifelike simulation tailored to each user's unique hand shape.

Snapchat users now have the freedom to explore and interact with Cartier's iconic Trinity Collection from the palm of their hand, replicating the in-store try-on experience with unmatched convenience. To access the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens, simply scan the Snapcode or visit Cartier's profile on Snapchat. This AR try-on experience is globally available for both iOS and Android users, inviting fashion enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the timeless elegance of Cartier's Trinity Collection like never before.

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