Ari Epstein resigns as CEO of Antwerp’s AWDC

After 13 years at the helm, Ari Epstein has announced his resignation as CEO of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), as confirmed by the trade body on Thursday
Ari Epstein resigns as CEO of Antwerp’s AWDC

Epstein's tenure will come to a close next Tuesday, as stated by the AWDC, though the reasons behind his departure and the timeline for appointing a successor remain undisclosed.

AWDC president Isidore Mörsel acknowledged Epstein's significant contributions, citing his visionary leadership that propelled the organization to unparalleled growth and innovation, solidifying its global leadership status in the diamond industry.

The AWDC has been under scrutiny in recent months, particularly with the imposition of Group of Seven (G7) sanctions on Russian diamonds. The resultant European Union import ban on polished diamonds originating from Russian rough has caused substantial delays at Antwerp’s Diamond Office, the city’s customs centre. In response, 146 Belgian companies have lodged complaints with the AWDC.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised within the industry regarding proposals mandating all rough diamonds to pass through Antwerp for the sale of polished diamonds within the G7.

Over the past two years, the AWDC, representing Antwerp's diamond trade, has witnessed several changes in leadership. Mörsel assumed the presidency from David Gotlib in October, just over a year after Gotlib succeeded Chaim Pluczenik.

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