AGS conclave 2024: Celebrating excellence in the jewellery industry

The American Gem Society (AGS) recently concluded its highly anticipated Conclave in Austin, TX, where industry leaders and innovators were honoured for their outstanding contributions and service. The event, held annually, serves as a platform to recognize excellence within the AGS community through prestigious award
AGS conclave 2024: Celebrating excellence in the jewellery industry

The 2024 Conclave held by the American Gem Society (AGS) in Austin, TX, marked a momentous occasion as industry leaders and innovators were recognized for their outstanding contributions and service within the AGS community. The event showcased a series of prestigious awards highlighting excellence and dedication across various facets of the jewellery industry.

During the Tuesday breakfast general session, Amanda Coleman-Phelps, CGA, chair of the International Guilds Council, took the stage to present the esteemed awards. The Sallie Morton Award, the first among the accolades, was bestowed upon Jewelers Mutual Group in acknowledgement of their steadfast partnership and significant support to AGS since 2008. Coleman-Phelps emphasized the pivotal role of Jewelers Mutual Group in advocating for continuous education among AGS members, particularly through sponsoring vital classes on topics like business security.

Continuing the accolades, Coleman-Phelps presented the Guild of the Year Award to Andy Martin, CEO of Wishfluence and president of the Northwest Arkansas Guild. Martin was lauded for his innovative initiatives and community-centric approach within the jewellery industry, representing the epitome of innovation and engagement.

The ceremony also featured the presentation of the John J. Kennedy Award, honouring exceptional service and support to the jewellery industry by law enforcement personnel. This year, supervisory special agent Jeffrey Rolands was recognized for his remarkable contributions to enhancing the safety of the industry and AGS members.

At the annual Titleholders Luncheon on April 17, Kevin Mays, CGA, of John Mays Jewelers, was honored with the Young Titleholder of the Year Award. Maria Brown, RJ, past chair of the Young Titleholders committee, commended Mays for his outstanding work and leadership within the committee, describing him as dedicated, visionary, and inspirational.

In a collaborative effort between the Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC) and the Young Titleholder’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, a conclave registration scholarship was awarded to BIJC member Valerie Madison. Additionally, Brown recognized the recipients of the Young Titleholders conclave scholarships, acknowledging their commitment to excellence:

Daniel Abdallah, Maya Caroleena Jewelers

Lisa Bradshaw, John J. Bradshaw

Kimberly Ngarupe, Duke’s Jewelers

Leslie Rollins, Zachary’s Jewelers

David Rubenstein, Betz Jewelers

Torre Spellman, Skeie’s Jewelers

Tiana Yamaguchi, Vardy’s Jewelers

The AGS expressed pride in honoring the achievements and dedication of all the conclave honorees, who consistently strive for excellence and innovation within the jewellery industry. The event's success was made possible by the support of presenting sponsor Jewelers Mutual Group and education sponsor GIA.

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