Tokyo-based jeweller enables jewellery with NFC

Says it is the first time that jewellery is being offered with near-field communication technology
Tokyo-based jeweller enables jewellery with NFC

A jewellery maker in Tokyo, TSLJ Co., which operates Core Jewels has launched diamond rings infused with technology, reports say. It notes this initiative is the world’s first, to offer diamond jewellery with near-field communication technology.

The NFC-enabled jewels are called ‘One,’ and are being offered in price points of upto $3,670.

With the technology, the wearers of the jewels are able to access their personal data stored saved in cloud storage, and other personal information of the wearer, reports add. The short-range wireless technology is compatible with NFC readers applicable on computers and Android phones. Features like e-payments and accessing smartphones are yet to be developed with the technology.

The entire initiative is towards offering a smart, tech-savvy and ‘luxurious’ way to access and maintain records. The jewellery will be available on December 10, and the jeweller has begin taking orders, reports say.

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