Dhamani Launches Dubai Cut Jewellery

99 faceted cut inspired by 99 names of allah
Dhamani Launches Dubai Cut Jewellery

DUBAI based Dhamani Jewels DMCC, the sole distributor of the 99-faceted Dubai Cut diamond, announced the launch of its line of jewellery inspired by the shape of the letter �D� and incorporating the unique gem cut.

�What this means is that even from afar, people will know that this jewellery includes the unique Dubai Cut diamond,� said Amit Dhamani, Managing Director, Dhamani Jewels. �Normally when a woman wears jewellery, she has to say what brand it is. Our patented innovation to incorporate the shape of the letter �D� for Dubai into the design of this jewellery means this is no longer necessary.�

Different lines for men and women have been created with rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces for women and cufflinks and rings for men. New collections will be presented twice a year.

Dhamani also has developed a line of jewellery that is inspired by classical designs which uses the Dubai Cut diamond. Custom made pieces using the Dubai Cut diamond and the loose diamonds themselves also are available.

Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chief Operating Officer of DMCC said, �The 99-faceted Dubai Cut is an exciting addition to the diamond world and represents the openness of Dubai in its clarity and reflective qualities. With this inspired design, Dhamani has provided the ideal setting for this unique cut, thereby ensuring that the highest standards of excellence will be maintained during the production of the new line of jewellery,� he added.

The diamonds themselves come in a variety of carat sizes, beginning with half a carat. This means that a wide range of residents and visitors to Dubai will be able to purchase one of these special jewellery pieces as an investment or a gift, memento or souvenir from Dubai.

Dhamani added, �Because the Dubai Cut diamond and these collections are meant to reflect the quality, excellence, innovation and vision that is Dubai, we took more than six months and worked with several of the world�s leading jewellery designers and craftsmen to develop these lines.�

Initially, the Dubai Cut diamond jewellery will only be for sale in Dubai. �We want to make sure that � like a visit to Burj Al Arab or the Creek � tourists and business travellers will come to the outlet to view and purchase a Dubai Cut diamond,� Dhamani said.

The first collection of Dubai Cut diamond will be available at Dhamani boutique in Mall of the Emirates, with future showcasing in Maktoum Street, the Gold Souk, the Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai Festival City and Dubai Mall.

DMCC unveiled the 99-faceted Dubai Cut in late 2005, as the world�s first diamond cut inspired and named after a city. This exceptional new cut of diamond is inspired by the 99 holy names of Allah. The unique cut is produced solely by Kristall Corporation, the leading Russian polished diamond manufacturer, exclusively for DMCC under a legal patent.

The extremely high level of skill and care required to produce each Dubai Cut diamond means that only a limited supply is available at any one time. The Dubai Cut diamond brand is a unique product of the Dhamani Corporate Group.

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