70 Years of VicenzaOro: January 2024 Edition Opens the World Golden Jewellery Calendar with T.Gold and VO Vintage

The international jewellery exhibition which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2024, will be held from January 19th to 23rd
70 Years of VicenzaOro: January 2024 Edition Opens the World Golden Jewellery Calendar with T.Gold and VO Vintage

The illustrious Vicenzaoro January (VOJ) exhibition, hosted in the charming city of Vicenza, Italy and organized by IEG - Italian Exhibition Group, is poised to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2024.

Vicenzaoro January 2024 holds a significant place on the global jewellery industry's calendar as a multifaceted platform. It seamlessly combines business, networking, training, and information exchange, evolving into a central fixture for the gold and jewellery community worldwide. The event's unique format, "The Jewellery Boutique Show," allows it to comprehensively represent the entire supply chain.

In concert with Vicenzaoro January, T.GOLD will be held concurrently. This international exhibition spotlights cutting-edge technologies and machinery for goldsmithing. It serves as a vital stage for professional operators and the broader sector, showcasing the latest innovations.

Additionally, VO Vintage, now in its fifth edition, returns from January 19th to 22nd. This event welcomes enthusiasts and collectors of vintage watches and jewellery, creating an accessible and enriching experience for all.

Vicenzaoro January 2024 is positioned as the largest jewellery, goldsmith, and watchmaking marketplace in Europe, ranking among the top three globally. It offers a comprehensive selection from the entire supply chain, featuring high-end products, excellence from Made in Italy manufacturing hubs, and previews from leading international players. Visitors can explore components, semi-finished products, diamonds, precious and coloured stones, packaging, and services such as visual merchandising. T.Gold complements this by showcasing technological innovations in manufacturing and processing.

Buyers from across the globe are at the heart of the Vicenzaoro experience. Registrations are open, with an array of dedicated services designed to enrich the visit and optimize business opportunities. Luxury hubs provide access to affiliated hotels in picturesque Venetian cities, along with free transportation to the exhibition. The online platform "The Jewellery Golden Cloud" facilitates business matching, aligning exhibitors and operators before the fair begins. It offers a complete exhibitor catalogue, interactive pavilion maps, streamed talks with simultaneous translation, and practical features for parking and navigating the city. Vicenzaoro is more than an exhibition; it's a unique networking opportunity, from day-end trade show aperitifs to ViOff events in the city centre.

For those with a passion for vintage treasures, VO Vintage returns for four days open to the public from January 19th to 22nd. Located on the first floor of the IEG exhibition centre, this B2C event has secured its place in the collector's calendar. Collectors, enthusiasts, and watch aficionados seeking unique and refined pieces will find the best dealers, experts, and opinion leaders at their disposal. The event also features talks, seminars, workshops, and technical update sessions to further deepen knowledge and appreciation for vintage jewellery and watches.

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