Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair to debut in September 2012

The platform is aimed at filling the vacuum in northern India
Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair to debut in September 2012

The ‘Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair’(DGJF), a B2B gem and jewellery trade fair is making its debut in September, with a focus to accentuate the north and north-east sector of the Indian gem and jewellery industry. The fair is being organised by UBM India. The organizers believe that the “Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair” like UBM’s other shows in India will be a pure B2B event filling the vacuum in northern India”. It is being held from 8 - 9 September 2011 at the Pragaiti Maidan, New Delhi. UBM has selected New Delhi as the venue, as it offers a more receptive environment to modern ideas and inventions, its culture lends a rich heritage along with its cosmopolitan appeal.

As this is the debut edition of the platform, a lot of attention is also being given towards its promotion through visitor advertising campaign in key markets like New Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and its adjoining tier-2 and -3 cities. Also, meetings with jewellery trade associations, shop-to-shop visits with retailers, press conferences, etc. will be some of the efforts taken to attract retailers to the show.

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