Diamond industry mourns the passing away of Gerald Rothschild

Remember his key contributions to the industry
Diamond industry mourns the passing away of Gerald Rothschild

While deeply saddened upon the sudden demise of Gerald Rothschild, the veteran DTC diamond broker the diamond industry expressed gratitude for the contributions of this legend that have shaped much of the industry’s progress as it is today. The industry remembers Gerald Rothschild who gave 60 years to this industry for his “vision and innate understanding of our business”, as WFDB President Avi Paz described. Paz further added that “he more often than not was at the forefront, nurturing companies and individuals who eventually would become major players."

Gerald Rothschild died in Germany at age 86. He began his career in the industry inn 1940s as a senior executive at DTC brokerage firm, I. Hennig & Co., and then graduating to the position of managing director. He left the organization in 1989, but returned to the business at age 70 in 1995, when set up his own brokerage house. Soon afterward, the company was successful in obtaining one of the first DTC sights for the developing diamond industry in China.

Calling him an “industry pioneer”, Moti Ganz, president of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA), said that “Gerald has played in our industry since the late 1940s, and in particular in the establishment of diamond cutting centers in Israel, India and China," He further added: "The part he played in establishing a steady rough diamond supply for industries that were just getting their feet on the ground was absolutely critical for their eventual success.”

Moshe Mosbacher, President of the Diamond Dealers Club said "As DTC brokers, he and his colleagues were the people who went out into field, established relationships with up and coming companies, nurtured their development and obtained for them rough diamond supplies." Underlining his contribution to the industry Mosbacher added that “The diamond trade would look very different were it not for people like Gerald Rothschild”.

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