Surat diamond industry shattered with the floods

Polishing units have sustained losses to equipment and machinery as some parts of the city have been under10 to 15 feet of water since Monday
Surat diamond industry shattered with the floods

FIRST it was Mumbai and now it is Surat’s turn to bear the rage of nature. Having flooded throughout Surat, the entire life has paralyzed. And with the city being hub for diamond manufacturing, floods have swept away business from the diamond traders in Mumbai too. Here’s straight talk with some of city’s leading diamond traders on how and to what extent the floods have affected the industry

Deepak Jain, manager in-charge for Sanghvi and sons Surat office says, “Our factory is situated in Gala Mandi and thankfully not much harm has been incurred to the machinery. But no production is on, as we have around 400 laborers whose homes have been completely ruined. Presently we have directed all our efforts in helping them rehabilitate.”

The expensive diamond cutting and polishing machineries worth lacks are getting damaged. Mahesh Navari, accounts personnel, Pramukh Gems informs, “We have 15 laser machineries in Surat factory each costing not less than 15 lakhs which are now being taken out for repair and a whooping amount will we spent for the purpose. Now that production from Surat has completely stopped business in Mumbai has gone down at its lowest.” Vipul Patel, who is managing things at Pramukh Gems Surat office briefing on the exact scene at Surat office says, “Entire Surat is flooded and only 5 percent of the area would have been left untouched. All phone lines have gone dead, there is no power supply and there’s lot of problem of commuting here. By no chance will the scene get better before a month or so.”

With key people of the organizations stuck in Surat office a lot of work here at Mumbai offices is being hampered. Kishor, who is managing things at Mumbai office for Pavasiya Exports avers, “Since two days we’ve been trying to contact our owner Mr Milan Patel who manages everything at Mumbai but we haven’t been able to get through as he is stuck in floods in Surat. This is hampering work at Mumbai office too.” While on the other hand GJEPC Chairman, Bakul Mehta said, “Surat’s monthly diamond output is expected to decline by around 55 percent. At the moment we are working to provide relief material and assistance to the submerged areas. The entire situation is expected to get better within 15-20 days.”

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