HRD launches Lab Link service in Spain

It is also planning to launch its Fast Service for the Spanish industry
HRD launches Lab Link service in Spain

HRD Antwerp has joined hands with Madrid-headquartered Gemacyt – Laboratorio Gemológico, and the two entities will work together in providing the Spanish diamond sector with direct access to the HRD Antwerp - Diamond Lab. Diamonds are delivered to Gemacyt and are returned to the clients after grading in Antwerp.

So far this service has been available in Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Israel and Mumbai and Spain is the sixth destination for this. The HRD Antwerp - Lab Link pick up certification service offers clients the full gamut of services of HRD Antwerp - Diamond Lab in Antwerp, including full diamond certificates, fancy colour diamond certificates, laser inscriptions with the HRD Antwerp Certificate ID number inscribed on the girdle, and sealing, which guarantees the association between the stone and the certificate. The service is tailored for smaller and medium sized companies that send out parcels of limited size and even single stones.

HRD Antwerp is also planning to launch its Fast Service in Spain, which is for diamonds which require urgent processing. The HRD Fast Service is so far available only in Belgium and Israel. Ferrari will serve as official freight forwarder and logistics provider for the HRD Antwerp Lab Link service for clients, with full door-to-door secured services.

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