Diamdel Israel Hosts Operation for Global Supply Network

The CPO will be fully operational from January 2007.
Diamdel Israel Hosts Operation for Global Supply Network

The Diamdel companies, which comprise the rough diamond trading subsidiary of the De Beers family of companies that focus on sales to the secondary market, have announced that, in future, all supply received from the Diamond Trading Company Limited (the �DTC�) will be sorted, valued and prepared for export by a Central Processing Operation (�CPO�) based in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Traditionally, Diamdel supply from the DTC, which comprises the vast majority of its intake, has been split at the point of sale in London and shipped to each of the Diamdel�s seven outlying offices worldwide.The decision to locate the Diamdel�s CPO in Israel follows a strategic assessment of the means by which the long established company can better meet the diverse needs of its global customer base of over 500 non DTC clients.

Diamdel Israel, a provider of rough to the local developing market, supplied over US$145million to the Israeli industry in 2005. Diamdel�s launch of the CPO will further enhance the company�s capability to provide extensive client base with flexible, bespoke rough diamond assortments, closely tailored in accordance with their needs and manufacturing capabilities.

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