HRD Antwerp expands Lab Link services in Israel

It also launches its Fast Service for clients in Tel Aviv
HRD Antwerp expands Lab Link services in Israel

HRD Antwerp announced expanding its Lab Link services in Israel, at an event attended by senior officials from HRD Antwerp, Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), and IDE members. The event was held on February 18, at the exchange, where HRD Antwerp General Manager Georges Brys announced shipping company - Ferrari International/D2D as the service provider beginning February 21. Attendees at the event were also presented with a special talk by leading Israeli journalist Ron Ben Yishai, a reporter and commentator on defense and security issues in the Middle East.

Ferrari/D2D will act as official freight forwarder and logistics provider, with door-to-door secured services that will be under their full liability. The partnership with Ferrari International/D2D, has resulted in new rates for the Lab Link service. The cost is a fixed rate of 2 € per diamond + 0,11 percent of the declared value with a minimum of 75 €.

HRD Antwerp also launched its Fast Service in Israel, a service which already exists in Belgium, providing for diamonds to be collected on Sundays and Wednesdays from the offices of customers in Tel Aviv and returned with certificates after grading in Antwerp three days later. To avail this service, clients are required to pay an additional fee of 30 percent on the examination fee and the costs of Diamond Office in Belgium.

The HRD Lab Link service in Israel was launched in July 2007, to provide the Israeli diamond centre a direct access to the HRD Diamond Lab.

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