HRD creates certification standards for the ‘Antwerp Twins’ diamond cut

The diamonds are being launched at the HK Jewellery and Gems Fair
HRD creates certification standards for the ‘Antwerp Twins’ diamond cut

HRD Antwerp has collaborated with a a scientific diamond research centre in Antwerp called WTOCD, to set a certification standard for the new ‘Antwerp Twins’ cut diamond, and in turn give the dimaond cuts a dedicated certificate, unlike before when the cut would only be mentioned as a comment on the certificate. The newly designed stone is introduced by ‘3D Diamonds’, based in Antwerp. "Our city's centuries-long tradition of craftsmanship receives worldwide respect. With this new cut, we want to offer the world a step ahead in jewellery design and a demonstration of the leadership of Antwerp in diamonds", explains Eva Van Looveren, CEO of 3D Diamonds.

The Antwerp Twins diamond are being launched at the forthcoming Hong Kong Jewellery and Watch Fair. “The birth of the Antwerp Twins is truly a beautiful and personal story”, states Eva Van Looveren. “When I was pregnant, I discovered to be expecting twins. Then, I hit upon the idea to create a special diamond for my twins. Twins catch more attention and the diamond had to do the same. This was the concept: a double sparkling, infinite binary ‘living’ diamond.”

The new diamond cut derives its name from its two faceted domes on the crown and pavilion side. The Antwerp Twins diamonds have a common feature of a fully faceted dome-shaped crown, with either no table at all or only a tiny ‘culet’-style facet in the centre of the crown.

Georges Brys from HRD Antwerp says: “We are very happy we can partner with an innovative company that is willing to invest in new products in these challenging times. HRD Antwerp and WTOCD made their scientific know how available to design the new certification standard”.

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