Dalumi to receive Outstanding Exporter 2008’ Award

The Award will be bestowed in December 2009
Dalumi to receive Outstanding Exporter 2008’ Award

Dalumi has been selected as one of the recipients of the ‘Outstanding Exporter 2008’ Award —accorded annually by Israel's Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. “It is our tradition to present this award to the companies standing at the forefront of Israeli export," explains Benjamin Ben Eliezer, Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor. "Their ability to not only forge ahead but also increase exports during a time of world economic crisis is worthy of praise.” Dalumi would be felicitated with the award at the hands of President Shimon Peres at a special ceremony slated 7th December 2009, at the President’s Residence.

Shmuel Mordechai, Diamond Inspector for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor said about Dalumi -“We’re delighted by the choice of Dalumi," explains. "The company's export scope and its contribution to the industry is most impressive. By maintaining manufacturing facilities in Israel, Dalumi contributes to Israel’s economy while simultaneously enhancing the reputation of the country’s diamond industry worldwide.”

The Outstanding Exporter ceremony is a joint annual tradition of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, and the President of the State of Israel, aiming to strengthen the connection between the Foreign Trade Administration and Israel’s export community. The Award's committee is headed by Hirsh, and includes representatives from the export industry, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Export Institute, the Manufacturers Association and the Kibbutz Industries Association. Its decision is based on recommendations of a sub-committee of representatives of different sectors tapped by the director of the Foreign Trade Administration. The diamond sub-committee headed by Arie Lev, Deputy Inspector of diamonds at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, includes Yair Cohen, Director General of the Diamond Exchange; Udi Shintal, Managing Director of the Manufacturers Association; and Eli Avidar, Managing Director of the Diamond Institute. Yair Cohen, General Manager of the Diamond Exchange and a member of the Diamond Industry sub-committee mentioned that "Dalumi has proved its strength and ability to deal with the world’s economic crisis. I’m confident that once the downturn ends, Dalumi will emerge stronger than ever, continually progressing from strength to strength.” Dalumi co-owner Rafi Yerushalmi, who is also a Managing Member of the Diamond Exchange and Deputy President of the Diamond Industrialist’s Union, thanked the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Diamond Inspector Shmuel Mordechai Lasgano Lev, and all committee members for the honour. "Although this is the second time we’ve won the award – we also won in 1995 – the world economic crisis and the situation in the diamond industry makes receiving the award this year even more thrilling.” Yerushalmi mentioned that Dalumi's strategy is based on three main principles: consistent investment in marketing channels with a focus to strengthen its brands; perseverance in production and supply of raw materials which has never decreased in Israel or globally, even during difficult periods when the company continued to acquire raw material from De Beers Group, and DTC; avoiding reliance on banking credit and rather relying on private capital created within the company. Mr. Yerushalmi mentioned that over and above the company’s stance the underlying spirit of their founding father, Mr. Asher Dalumi has helped the company grow to its stand today.

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